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Why Choose Online Therapy

There are many reasons why people choose online therapy in Minnesota. Sometimes it’s because the commute on I-94, I-90, I-35, I-494 or I-694 can be too much trouble. Sometimes it’s because you are balancing the busy of your life and want to make room for lake trips or a Mall of America weekends . Sometimes it’s because you are on the go so much that being at home feels better. Sometimes its because you are far away from accessing services. Sometimes it feels safer to start something new in a virtual way. Whatever the reason you want to try online therapy to help your mental health you are in the right place. Countless people are realizing the need to care for their mental health as much as you care for your physical health. Online therapy in Minnesota makes that possible and convenient.




What is telehealth?

Online therapy is often called telehealth, tenemental health, or technology assisted counseling.  The terms are often interchangeable and mean the same thing and allow you to meet with a mental health counselor through technology. Clients who are comfortable with checking email, paying bills online, or using a video call would find online therapy comfortable and easy to navigate.

At Crain Counseling we are committed to providing you a safe, calm, connection to your counselor to accomplish your goals. Online therapy can help assist you with managing depression, anxiety, relationship stressors and many other mental health concerns. It is a great way to make therapy fit into your lifestyle and your goals.



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Finding an Online Counselor

When looking for a licensed counselor in Minnesota to do online counseling with you need to locate a counselor who is licensed in your state of residence. Minnesota state laws require that your counselor be licensed or have board approval to provide services based to you (the clients) location. When you look at our list of counselors, please make sure to look for counselors located who have permission to practice state of  Minnesota where you want to participate in therapy.


If you are looking for therapy and reside in one of the major cities like Minneapolis, Saint paul, Duluth, St. Cloud, Mankato, Bloomington, Rochester, or Winona; online therapy could be a good fit for you. While online therapy is not the same as in-persons counseling those that utilize it have reported success rates and benefits that you would see from an in-person setting.




Travel & Online Counseling

Some people may be traveling frequently. Initially try locating a counselor in Minnesota where your primary residence is or where you will be spending most of your time. Some counselors are licensed in multiple states and could possibly provide you online therapy if you are traveling to locations where they can service you.



For those requiring more travel and flexibility in their online therapy consider following the news updates for Minnesota and other states at CounselingCompact.org. The compact is working to unite state licenses to support counselors and therapists working with clients across state lines. This will allow you to access care from providers when traveling or relocating far easier than in the past.


Our counselors are prepared to help you navigate the next step to pursue online therapy across Minnesota. Our  counselors are provided below for you to see who would be the best fit to partner with wile you are spending time in your Minnesota destination.

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Minnesota Counselors


Christina Olka Crain


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