Still have not found what you are looking for? Here are some commonly asked questions!

What is your availability?

Our availability varies, please use our Client Portal  for our most up to date availability. You can also visit our Counselors page here to check for general individual counselor availability.

What kind of experience do you have?

Hello my name is Christina Crain and I am the founder of Crain counseling. For 16 years I have worked in the counseling field.  My experience includes: youth and family, marriage counseling, mental health, developmental delays, at-risk youth, trauma, phase of life difficulties, substance abuse, Substance prevention, self-harming, families impacted by incarceration, crisis intervention, behavior addictions, anger depression, grief/loss, anger, self-image, gender identity, sexual abuse, adoption/reunification, attachment, ADHD, OCD parenting techniques, trauma informed care, co-parenting, conflict resolution, and other related counseling needs.

You can visit our counselor pages here for more information on our counselors individual work and counseling history.

Do you  accept insurance?

We provide all clients a Superbill which can be used for insurance reimbursement as an out of network provider on your plan. Please reach out to your insurance company for specifics on how and what they will reimburse. All services must be paid up front.


What education do you have?

All of our counselors hold a least a Masters degree in a counseling related field. This requires a four year bachelors degree prior to completing a Graduate level program. Graduate programs are typically two years of academic work alongside practicum experiences in the counseling field followed by a year long internship.


Intern Counselors 

After a Graduate degree is completed counselors must register with their local state as an intern counselor. Intern counselors must practice under supervision for a minimum of 2 years before being issued a full license to practice on their own. Common intern licenses are:

Registered Mental health intern

Licensed Counselor Intern


State License

Once a counselor has completed their supervision they can apply to their state to be an independently licensed counselor. Each state has their own requirements for this credential. Common licenses offered by states include:

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Licensed Professional Counselor

Licensed Mental Health Counselor


Telehealth Credentials 

We encourage counselors to hold a Telehealth credential. This is a credential offered by their state or the National Board of Certified Counselors establishing best practices in Telehealth work.

Certified Telehealth Professional

Board Certified-TeleMental Health Provider-  Center for Credentialing and Education



Individual states set the standards for qualified supervisors. Qualified supervisors are able to supervise registered interns prior to their full state license.

Qualified Supervisor


National Board of Certified Counselors 

NBCC sets some of the highest standards for counseling professionals in the nation. They offer certifications and seals to counselors who meet those standards. This credential is not required to practice but shows the national backing of an individual in the counseling profession.

Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor

National Certified Counselor


Do you accept court ordered clients?

Yes, as long as you are not appointed to a specific counselor we see court ordered counseling clients.

Is my information protected?

Yes, we follow compliance with confidentiality standards. Please review our Privacy Policy for any questions or concerns.

What are Telehealth sessions?

Telehealth sessions are counseling sessions that take place through a secure video call on your computer. You will speak to your counselor and participate in session through the video call. Virtual sessions allow you to participate in counseling from multiple locations at multiple times during the day.

Am I a good fit for Telehealth sessions?

Not everyone is a good fit for Telehealth sessions. However if you are comfortable with technology and the flexibility that virtual sessions provide you can call to see if you would benefit from virtual sessions.

Is my Child a good fit for Telehealth sessions?

Due to the nature of virtual sessions young children are not appropriate for virtual appointments. However teenagers often benefit from the virtual environment. Call today to see if your child would be a good fit.

Do you accept clients from all states?

Currently we can only serve clients where our counselors hold an active license or have state approval to provide Telehealth services. This includes:

  • Ohio
  • Missouri
  • Florida
  • South Carolina
  • Minnesota

Effective 2022 the Counseling compact (Counseling has been enacted into law in over 19 US states. Applications for counselors to work in the compact will begin in 2023 or early 2024 at the latest. This will allow any counselor licensed in a practicing state to see clients within the compact agreement. If you live outside of our service area you can keep your eyes open on this legislation.

What if I cannot afford my counseling session?

We do want to meet your needs. Please contact our offices to see if you qualify for our aid.

What do I need to schedule an appointment?

Simply complete a Client Portal registration. You will be able to complete all paperwork through the portal.