Our Approach

Our philosophy of counseling has three main components.

  1. Care. We believe that people were not meant to walk through life alone. We work hard to help individuals feel heard and understood on their journey to navigate life circumstances. We believe connecting to people fuels healing.
  2. The Kirkos or "circle." We believe that having to revisit issues from our past does not make us a failure but makes us grow stronger. We desire to help others overcome the areas in their lives where they feel stuck.
  3. The tree. We believe that like a tree that grows fruit so also our emotional or behavioral fruit comes from roots. We do not want to simply pluck out fruit without helping clients heal the roots.

Our Story

We were each on our own journey toward helping an teaching others what had been so impactful to us. Together we are excited to partner to help others find healing from the principles that have impacted our lives.

Meet the Team

We are the Crain's and we are passionate about helping people understand that they are not alone. Together we work to meet the needs of individuals and families in our community.

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Christina Crain



Trevor Crain

Office Manager

Your Counselor

I am passionate about helping people find healing and freedom in their everyday life! It takes courage to take the first step toward health living! Let's take that step together today!


Christina Crain



  • Founded Live My Freedom
  • Founded Crain Counseling
  • Addictions Instruction for Clarks Summit University
  • Outpatient counseling
  • Inpatient Interventions
  • Partial Hospital Therapy
  • Birth Mom Counseling
  • Foster Parent/Adoption Counseling
  • Marriage & Family Counseling
  • Prevention Programing
  • Too Good For Drugs
  • Intimacy Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Family Systems Model
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy
  • Multi-systemic Family Therapy

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